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We’re using virtual reality to accelerate how we communicate. Faster decision making for businesses, and more confident choices for clients.

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Scientists and designers building a 3D space in virtual reality at Threespacelab
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/00 Vision

We think it’s time for a new way to collaborate - immersed and at scale

Three Space Lab was founded to accelerate not only understanding, but decision making between stakeholders from multiple disciplines. Our users are able to spatially explore architectural spaces, investigate molecular structures, and manipulate large data sets.

scott greenwald threespacelab virtual reality collaboration developmentThreespacelab Virtual reality engineer

This means more potential connections between ideas, more intuitive approaches to complex problems, and more efficiency for established processes. We want our users to continue learning from one another while being spatially engaged with their problems. We want them to craft complex ideas together, at scale.

/01 What we are building

Empowering professionals with new ways to collaborate
architectural designer working with client in virtual reality
isometric scientists working with 3D molecular structures and proteins in virtual reality
isometric researchers working with 3D molecule and chemical beaker

Jump in and out of 3D spaces to experience blueprints and designs at scale. Clearly communicate between designers, engineers, architects, and more.

Iterate faster with fully customizable virtual environments for better science. Tailor parameters on a per experiment basis to better explore data and interactions.

Drive problem-based learning with enhanced virtual classrooms that encourage students take creative risks. Teachers can be by their (virtual) side every step of the way.

/02 Our product

Take a sneak peek at what's possible on our upcoming XR platform
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/03 case studies

We have already crafted some immersive solutions for real-world problems

/02 values

Why partner with us?
Curious Team

Multidisciplinary and ready to experiment, our team is excited to challenge the status quo.

Proven Record

Experience with developing successful XR applications for classrooms and at the MIT Media Lab.

Clear Vision

We understand our users and their pain points in high stakes meetings. We also know how to solve them with XR.

Rigorous Research

Our rich research background with XR experiences help us craft novel business solutions.

Word on the street

“Using StageHand has not only created a whole new hybrid XR workflow for our team, but has revamped our design process.
John Wick | Head of Engineering, Verison

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Join our team of artists, engineers, and designers to solve unique and diverse problems beyond our physical world.


/03 Who we are

We are artists, engineers, and designers with over a decade of research experience. We want to enhance visual thinking to explore new possibilities, for everyone.