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collaboration between professionals in virtual reality

/01 brief

We believe that modern businesses are capable of much faster visual and spatial communication. There are numerous software for enabling virtual meetings, and development in VR, however users struggle to work together and present ideas at scale. It’s difficult to collaborate efficiently when their tools are siloed away from one another. We want to change that.

That’s why Three Space Lab is building next-generation XR tools to redefine how professionals visually and spatially collaborate with their peers and clients.  We are a rapidly growing seed stage company and our product has already solved real-world problems. This is only the start.

Ideas deserve to be communicated intuitively and effortlessly, even by non-experts.
/02 history
Where We've Been
Company founded (as Collaborative Virtual Reality Solutions)

Proof of concept established at the MIT Media Lab.

First two full-time employees

ThreeSpaceLab begins gaining momentum.

Team grows to 8 full-time employees

The company continues to grow and start taking on client projects.

Release of CocoCast in collaboration with Verizon Innovative Learning

Working with Verizon, We developed CocoCast (iPad AR app) for underserved classrooms.

First seed funding received

Successful round of fundraising.

Work with us!

Join our team of artists, engineers, and designers to solve unique and diverse problems beyond our physical world.


/03 philosophy

Spatial computing is a new frontier of human centered learning. We're ready to explore.

The key to today’s most dynamic enterprises often lies in making collaborative efforts more efficient. While consumers demand speedy perfection in even the most complex products, communicating complicated ideas among highly trained professionals still takes time. At Three Space Lab, we develop XR products to enable fluid visual communication to help make high quality decisions in no time.

“Which balcony?”, “which direction is further?”, “is this still too large?” - we want everyone to be able to quickly and intuitively wrap their head around their colleagues ideas and eliminate rounds of iteration.

Our products emerge from a decade of research and collaboration at MIT. We know that the best solutions are often  hidden but become obvious once discovered. The team behind Three Space Lab succeeded to experiment and explore the “what ifs?” of extended reality and develop a truly intuitive tool to visualize complex ideas. We are here to guide organizations take advantage of the limitless potential of blending virtual and physical workspaces. It’s time to start thinking spatially.

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